Roundtable : One Digital

Roundtable : One Digital

Event Details

Friday, 18 Sept, 2015 From 2:00 PM – 6:00 PM
Cigniti Office
9 Devonshire Square
London EC2M 4YF
Apurv Bhatnagar

Event Description

One Digital – Bringing Together Distributed Agile Development and DevOps-based Quality Assurance

“To consistently meet or exceed customers’ expectations, firms must take a systematic approach to digital customer experience management… For firms to turn their digital customer experience into a sustainable source of competitive advantage, they must define a digital customer experience strategy and introduce robust tools and repeatable methodologies to support it.”- Forrester

Digital business continues to transform industries and organizations, opening up the possibility of new products, technologies, services and business models. Satisfying User Experience is extremely vital in digital media as it is akin to the real-time experience gained by actually visiting an outlet. Any complicated web/mobile experience stops potential customers to complete transactions.

Besides this, BigData analytics based on customer usage patterns (either on Web or Mobile platform) is bringing a paradigm shift in the way companies operate. This is urging organizations across verticals –  especially in BFSI, Retail, eCommerce etc. to adapt to Digital Trends. This trend is clearly visible in a recent Gartner Survey that states: “Digital business is growing. 50% of businesses intend to be a digital business in 24 months, and 83% in three to five years, which will result in high stress on individuals in organizations.”

The transformational potential of digital technology has undoubtedly eased the customer connect. However, the real issue is to offer reliable, secure, and superior customer experience through these new ways. There are no certain answers, and organizations must adopt an iterative learning approach based on knowledge sharing. To support these fast-evolving digital business scenarios traditional enterprise architectures and testing methodologies, along with project and development methods, are unsuitable. Agile development incrementally delivering new capabilities seems to be the only way out, but scaling it to large, enterprise wide activities, such as digital business, will be key.

The intention of this roundtable is to have leaders from different organizations brainstorm and collaborate on how Enterprise Agile can deal with challenges thrown by emerging Digital Business Scenario, and how can we scale the Agile methodology to meet them.

Event Agenda

Roundtable : One Digital – Bringing Together Distributed Agile Development and DevOps based Quality Assurance.


Time Details Speaker
2 :00 – 2:15 PM BST Opening Remarks and Introduction Apurv Bhatnagar  
2:15 – 3:00 PM BST Setting up agenda and framework for discussionNanda Padmaraju, Jijo Olassa  
3:00 – 5:00 PM BST Presentation by participants based on defined format.Participants  
5:00 – 5:30 PM BST Closing remarks by Analyst Rachael Stormonth (Senior VP – NelsonHall)  
5:30 – 6:00 PM BST High Tea & Networking –   

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